Cuts include consultation, shampoo & a beautiful blowdry

Creative Director - Raoul


Creative Advanced - Eva


Short Blow Dry Only


Long Blow Dry Only


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At Rococo we take the time to discuss your colour preferences and explain how the process works, aswell as what will and will not suit your skin tone and style, to ensure that you leave looking and feeling fabulous!
All services show a starting price and increase based on hair texture or additional services rendered. They also do not include a professional blow dry. Please consult your stylist with further questions.

Semi, Demi or Tint Short


Semi, Demi or Tint Medium


Semi, Demi or Tint Long


Semi, Demi or Tint Extra Long


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Half Head Foils Short


Half Head Foils Medium


Half Head Foils Long


Half Head Foils Extra Long


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Full Head Foils Short


Full Head Foils Medium


Full Head Foils Long


Full Head Foils Extra Long


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Toner Short


Toner Long


Hair Ups - Subject to availability

from $100

Waves - Please telephone for a complimentary consultation and quote

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Anew (Amonia free) Short


Anew (Amonia free) Medium


Anew (Amonia free) Long


Anew (Amonia free) Extra Long


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